The vineyard was planted by Alan Chubb in 2002. Alan has worked with perennial crops all his life, mainly in Africa and Central America. Returning to his home in Bradford on Avon in 1995, he spent some years researching and gaining practical experience in UK grape production. With a long-term commitment to organic production, he was also at the forefront of establishing farmers’ markets in the UK, and is still an active member of the local food consultancy, F3.

While the vineyard is a commercial, profit-making venture, it’s also at the heart of our family life. We’ve set aside an area for football, summer parties and Christmas bonfire celebrations. Our sons have earned spare cash from an early age helping with the harvest or stacking bottles. Jane, Alan’s wife, has indulged her fruit and nut hobby by planting over 70 varieties of trees in every patch of spare space.