Alan Chubb is an agronomist, with extensive consultancy experience, both in the UK (local food, farmers’ markets) and overseas (organic horticulture), in countries from Afghanistan to Costa Rica. He is currently researching the possibilities for improved horticulture in Afghanistan. Local food consultancy is carried out as part of the local food consultancy f3. See here for Alan’s cv

Nov. 2012 -I have just returned from a visit to a school enterprise in Ghana. I was asked by a UK Trust (  who are funding the establishment of a school near Accra. They have set up a pineapple juicing business and I went to advise on the development and commercialisation of this initiative. They extract fresh pineapple juice and sell it from 4 kiosks on the main Accra-Winneba road. So far they are making money sufficient to pay the salary of 2 teachers and we hope that this can be consolidated and improved with a better juice press and more retail outlets including selling from bicycles with cold boxes attached!!

Jane Laurie combines expertise in behaviour change and social development, with twenty years experience of community environmental action. She has worked in the third sector  for over 30 years, with wide-ranging experience in management, fundraising, evaluation and development of new projects. She  is currently working on a local community climate change project, funded  under the government’s Local Energy Assessment Fund. See here for Jane’s cv.