Mar 262016

Quoins presenting at Brussels Showcase EventQuoins received its due recognition by being selected to represent the South West smallholder producers at the EU in Brussels in March.

Quoins Organic Vineyard was selected by Molly Scott Cato, the SW UK MEP, to represent the South West at the ‘Showcase of Southwest Produce’ event in Brussels on the 16th March. The event was featured on BBC Points West on Wednesday 16th March

The event took place at the Brewers of Europe building where over 90 representatives of various EU organisations attended and sampled Quoins organic wines. Tasters were particularly impressed with the Orion white wine that won a Decanter award in 2015 as well as the Quoins Rosé and the fact that the UK can produce a very palatable Rondo Red wine!!!!. I have attached a photo of me doing my bit on explaining the wonders of UK wine.