We grow three varieties of grape, two white and one red, to produce four single variety wines. Both the vineyard and the winery are certified organic both to Soil Association and EU standards hence the wines contain very low levels of sulphites. They are also biodynamic. All are suitable for vegans.

Madeleine Angevine: a traditional variety from Northern France and Germany, and has long been popular for English production. It produces a medium dry, crisp white wine. The wine is pale yellow with dried lemony hints and gently herbal. 11% alcohol. 2013 vintage available.

Orion: a new variety, developed in Germany, especially suited for organic production in northern Europe. This produces a medium dry white wine, pale gold in colour, with a taste of dried apricots and mango or kiwi fruit on the palate. 11% alcohol. 2014 vintage available.

Rondo: a new variety, derived from a cross between Manchurian and Austrian varieties, which has become very popular in the UK. It is a full bodied red with a deep oak aroma and notes of mature red fruits. 2009 and 2013 vintages are available.  12% alcohol. 2009 and 2013 vintages available.

In 2017, we also produced a Rosé, with a deep red blush and wild strawberry hints on the palate. This is made from the first pressings of the Rondo grape which gives it its bright rosé colour. 2013 vintage available.

You can buy directly from the vineyard, in local shops, including Waitrose,  or at events.