We have over 100 varieties of trees and shrubs, grown for their fruit, nuts, firewood, and wildlife value. The collection started as a hobby, but has quickly grown to fill almost every spare patch of ground. Most were carefully chosen for their disease resistance and ability to cope with neglect! We grow well-known fruit, such as  apples, pears, cherries, and hazels, but have chosen varieties not usually stocked by the supermarkets.  Other trees, such as medlar, quince and damson, have been traditionally grown, but are rarely seen in the shops. Some, such as Asian pears, the Shipova rowan-pear cross, and edible honeysuckle, are little known – but delicious. The complete list of trees and plants can be downloaded here.        

All vineyard tours provide an opportunity to taste and sometimes to buy fruits in season.  The best choice is in the autumn. There isn’t a lot available early in the year! 

We also produce our own apple juice and occasionally have 10 litre packs of pasteurised juice for sale. These keep for a year unopened, and one month after opening without refrigeration.